Ketabi Bourdet Reflects on Identity and Coming of Age in 'Premiers Vertiges'

Shawn Ghassemitari, HypeArt, 2 March 2023
“Do you remember your first thrills? The ones of your body, of your mind, of your heart?” The latest exhibition at Ketabi Bourdet invites the viewer to ruminate on these questions through a presentation of work by artists Marcella BarcelóMaisie CousinsHenry DargerInès Longevial and more. 
Curated by Elise RochePremiers Vertiges (First Thrills) is a collective coming of age story. While Barceló ruminates on passion and innocence in her painting, First Love (2021), Amélie Bigard showcases a figure that has been hardened and perhaps troubled with time, where a rose and the stability of a chair lie haplessly on the floor. 
At the core of these transitions are opportunities to question reality and reshape one’s inner world. Chiefly known for her introspective paintings, Longevial taps into the mythology of the phoenix through a large patchwork tapestry made with cut prints and quilted by her grandmother. “Like a phoenix that ignites to be reborn from its ashes, perhaps we are reborn several times from our first adventures. The patchwork of a thousand faces is like an envelope of memory, of all this inferno of the first and last thrill,” said Roche. 
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